About the Author

Mike Krajovic is a spiritual teacher with a background in community and economic development.  Prior to his work on raising human consciousness, Mike worked with hundreds of businesses and helped attract new investment and jobs in economically distressed areas by assisting both small businesses and large, international corporations.

He continues to bring his unique perspective to improve society, understanding that basic underlying beliefs drive human behaviors and outcomes.  As old social systems continue to breakdown, being exposed as no longer serving the needs of humanity, Mike is helping to build a new vision for social systems that will support human happiness to a far greater and more sustainable extent than has been achieved so far.

In addition to his current work, he has been a champion for improving public education and other aspects of society including tourism, the environment, economics, energy, technology, land use, planning and agriculture. He has helped author and spearhead the development of a new national agriculture lending program for local farmers that produce food for local markets in urban and rural areas. He is an expert in monetary policy and in strategic visioning and planning at both the local and regional levels with the ability to creatively analyze and breakdown complex issues into implementable strategies involving all aspects of a community including the public, private and non-profit sectors. He understands the impact that culture, art, local and national belief systems can impact achieving success. He has served on numerous boards such as the American Sustainable Business Council representing the views of businesses across the United States in Washington DC.  Mike was also Chairman of the International Economic Development Council’s Sustainable Economic Development Committee.

Mike has an engineering degree from Bucknell University, an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters in Social Artistry from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Southbend, Indiana. He has attended additional education and training courses at Harvard and Carnegie Mellon Universities.  He writes articles for Uplifting Humanity.org.

You may contact Mike via email at: michaelkrajovic@yahoo.com