American Values and Principles


To put America back in balance, there must be a reinvigorated focus on guiding principles and values.  While enlightened reason can help reduce injustices, it is no match for a sincere desire to be genuinely concerned for the well being of others than can only be felt in the human heart.  Widely touted as a Christian nation under God, America has yet to live up to the religious claim of acting out of love for humankind.  Principles such as integrity in public service, honesty, responsibility and doing no harm to others are needed to create better ways to achieve the founding national goal of increasing individual happiness.  And this is best achieved by being of service to others.

If Americans simply cared enough for each other, problems that seem insurmountable now, would be solved in a few short years.  Guiding principles are needed to find the proper balance between individual freedom and self interest that is causing so many controversial issues that currently divide Our Country.  Government may try, but it cannot legislate morality or values.  While clearly needed today, laws and regulation are a poor substitute for simply caring for each other in the highest tradition of any of the world’s great religions.  If all Americans simply naturally did what is naturally right, we would not need a large government to police our society to protect the public from those that try to take advantage of others.  We need to stop trying to get ahead at the expense of others.  Instead, let’s help each other to move ahead together, not necessarily equally, but fairly with equal opportunity for everyone.

To uplift America, a third and higher point of view energized from the human heart and guided by the honest wisdom of experience is needed to shed new light on these challenges if we are to overcome them and live together in harmony.   It is time for our nation to finally move forward overcoming social injustice, lack of opportunity, disempowering social dependency, environmental un-sustainability and disunity.  It is time to establish a nation where freedom of individual expression, the spirit of self reliance, social responsibility, honesty, integrity and self fulfillment abound.  These are values and principles upon which we can together build an even greater country and world.