Finding Balance


It is again time for America to lead the World by example united in spirit and determined by cause.  It is time to restore the proper balance between the individual and the nation, between individual rights and collective responsibilities.  It is time for Americans to work together to establish a fair and just society that is both self reliant and self sustainable where fair opportunities exist for everyone.  In accordance with higher divine truths, our goal is to establish peace, joy and good will among humankind beginning in each American community in each American home – and not just in this moment, but accepting our common shared responsibility for the collective well being of all future generations to come.    We must remember during this time of widespread heated discourse, distrust and public division, – United We Stand and Divided We Fall – that self interests are subordinate to common interests when dealing with critical national and global issues.  Through this deeper understanding, our nation will find balance, strength and peace, leading to the fulliment of our national mission of achieving greater individual freedom and happiness for all.