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We the People...

To move forward together, the power of our democracy must be restored to the people. American citizens who want to restore the balance between individual freedoms and individual responsibilities must reclaim their power from those that use our government to maximize their self interests. Each individual citizen is encouraged to read “The Introduction to the Democracy Resolution”.   If after reading, you feel compelled as a responsible American citizen to take a stand and act, there are several things that you can do.   First share the Resolution with others. Secondly talk with others about the Resolution including those running for office; and finally you are encouraged to take a copy of The Democracy Resolution to your local town, city and county and petition your local  governments to formally pass the Resolution.  Once formally passed by a public vote by your local government, The Democracy Resolution should be sent to all of your state and federal representatives and senators urging them to pass a new constitutional amendment to restore the power of our American democracy to the American people. Copies of a sample public Resolution and transmittal letter are available on the website below.  Download the documents and take them with you to your local government meeting and after reading the “Introduction to the  Democracy Resolution”, call upon your local officials to take action together as fellow  American citizens to pass “The Democracy Resolution.”  If you can, let others know around the country when your local government passes the Resolution by send us an email with the name of the community and state that we will list on the website.


Introduction to The Democracy Resolution

        The Democracy Resolution reasserts that the power of the American democracy shall rest with the people, not with corporations, organizations or wealthy individuals who spend their wealth to influence public elections. More frequently in current times, campaigns are unjustly won by out spending opponents on political advertising which has become increasingly negative, lacking substance and in many cases grossly misleading. Campaigns for public office should be about addressing the issues and serving the common good, not about serving special interests groups which contribute to support candidates who favor their self interests and oppose those who do not. It is un-American, anti-democratic and unjust for the voices of the few to be able to drown out the voices of the many just because they have more money to spend in public elections. The citizens of the United States have a right to hear equally from the candidates willing to represent them in public service for the good of the Republic, not disproportionally from those who have more money to spend. (Read more by clicking below to access the full “Introduction to the Democracy Resoluton.”)

It is time America

Now is the time for all Americans to reaffirm that the purpose of their country is to create a more perfect Union where people of all races, abilities, beliefs and cultures are free to live together in peace, “e pluribus unum” out of many (people), one (nation). It is about all people combining their individual freedoms with their individual responsibilities for the general welfare of not just themselves but for everyone. It is an understanding that our independence is dependent upon our interdependence, or in other words, our freedoms are dependent upon us working together for the common good to ensure fair opportunity and the greatest possible benefit for all.  We will find that by uplifting our fellow Americans, we will also uplift ourselves.

So now as Americans, it is time for us to shift our attention from just about ourselves to refocusing our attention on the well being of others. Once shifted, we need to set a new intention to uplift our society by taking action to become publicly engaged. Our nation was formed based on citizen engagement; without it, our democratic union will falter. We must have the desire to regain the control of our government from those corporations (many of which have no loyalty to our country or any other country), organizations and wealthy individuals that use our government to serve their self interests and restore it to the individual citizen.   Now is the time for WE THE PEOPLE to elect leaders to our public offices who truly desire to serve for the benefit of all.

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Restoring the American Dream

Bill of Rights

The true American Dream is about being free to experience the richness of living a fulfilling and happy life. It was never simply about material prosperity. While a certain level of wealth is needed to support a family and enjoy freedom, the single minded pursuit of wealth has distorted the America Dream.  The American spirit of rugged individualism and self reliance has mutated into a distorted culture of every American for his or herself to acquire as much wealth as possible even if at the expense of others. The pursuit of profit and power has overshadowed the national goal of the pursuit of happiness. The sense of responsibility to fellow Americans through civic engagement has largely been forgotten and along with it has been the loss of a sense of community, brotherly love and a unified nation. It is the sense of community and social well being that creates lasting happiness, not individuals who seek power over others. They do not make good American citizens or neighbors  in any community.  Now is the time to remember, to resurrect and enhance the true American Dream to Uplift America and the World.


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